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About Us

Los Mangos Mexican Ice Cream, is an ice cream, snack and fresh fruit specialty shop.  We use our own recipes and make our ice cream in-house daily.  Our fruit specialties are prepared
on the spot and made to order using a variety of fruits and toppings so that our customers can see what “Naturally Fresh” tastes like. 

Our signature specialties include the Mangonada, Vampiro, Fresas con Crema, Frapuccino and Papotas.  We also have 40+ flavors of Paletas that are made with natural fruit.  We strive to indulge our customers with products that are always fresh and pamper them with the best possible service. 


We started a couple years ago with one small shop and have now expanded to 7 locations thanks to our customer’s support and preference.  Drop by for ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, fresh fruit or any of our specialties.   We guarantee that you will not be disappointed!
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